Statement of cash flow ASA

1 January - 31 December
NOK millionNotes20112010
Loss before on ordinary activities before tax(364)(9)
Depreciation, amortisation and impairments71910
Other non-cash items effect1 173158
Accrued Group contributions(1 192)(355)
Change in working capital etc.(31)(79)
Change in receivables due from Group companies4 831(2 390)
Net cash flow from operating activities4 436(2 665)
Purchases of property, plant and equipment7(62)(38)
Acqusition of subsidiaries0(214)
Sale of operating assets or subsidiaries50
Change in long-term receivables2531 192
Net cash flow from investing activities196940
Change in interest-bearing liabilities(2 873)1 123
Net Group contributions received355844
Change in other long-term liabilities12(73)
Dividends paid(1 461)(439)
Treasury shares00
Net cash flow from financing activities(3 967)1 455
Net change in cash and cash equivalents665(270)
Cash and cash equivalents as of 1 January0270
Cash and cash equivalents as of 31 December6650

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