Hafslund is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in its business operations. We communicate this message within the Group by promoting one of our core values: integrity.

Hafslund is responsible for any social consequences caused by the Group’s operations regarding environmental impact, working conditions and other social factors. This responsibility is held along the business’s entire value chain and also covers our procurements and investments.

Ethical trading

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Hafslund focuses on ethical trading and is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (IEH). IEH’s object is to collaborate to ensure that trading safeguards human and employee rights, development and the environment. Hafslund recognises that performing business in an ethically responsible manner drives development in other parts of the world. We consider this an integral part of our corporate social responsibility. Ethical trading brings about improvements in working and environmental conditions throughout the supply chain, which is why we set certain standards for our suppliers both in Norway and worldwide.

In association with Ethical Trading Initiative Norway, the company has drawn up a code of conduct for its suppliers and internal procedures governing the companies’ work on ethical trading. As part of this work key employees responsible for procurement and other relevant parties receive training on this topic. The Group constantly strives to follow up suppliers including through self-reporting, and where required by entering into dialogue on necessary changes at suppliers. In 2011 the procedure was revised to also include a section on hiring of foreign manpower.

Hafslund’s code of conduct for suppliers sets out the objectives of Hafslund’s ethical trading programme and is based on ILO and UN conventions, and national requirements:

  • Forced labour
  • Freedom to unionise
  • Child labour
  • Discrimination
  • Brutal treatment
  • Health, safety and the environment
  • Salaries
  • Working hours
  • Proper terms of employment
  • Marginalised population groups
  • The environment
  • Corruption and bribery

Employee code of conduct

Hafslund’s employee code of conduct applies to all those directly employed by the Group, as well as union representatives and members of the board. Its purpose is to ensure that all employees act in an honest manner and build trust in the Group and foster a good corporate reputation. The terms of the code of conduct, which are rooted in our corporate values, regulate matters such as personal conduct, conflicts of interest, bribery, corruption and competition, and sanctions in cases where the code has been breached. The code of conduct should be viewed as setting a minimum standard, since all employees are required to adhere to external laws and regulations, sector-specific ethical rules, and internal rules applicable to Hafslund’s business operations. The tools used to promote awareness of the code include the Group’s intranet and presentations at various levels of management. All new employees sign the code of conduct before they start work.

Detailed guidelines have been drawn up for all employees whose work involves contract negotiations, since this area is particularly vulnerable to influence. The Group runs courses on ethics for employees involved in contractual negotiations. 60 employees attended the course in 2011.

Systems are in place to enable staff to notify management if they discover censurable matters. As far as Hafslund is aware, there have been no incidents of actual or attempted corruption with regard to any of the Group’s business activities, nor has any Group company been subject to monetary or non-monetary sanctions for, or convicted of, any violations of laws or regulations.