This is Hafslund

This is Hafslund

Hafslund develops and constructs renewable energy systems, and is a market leader in the construction and operation of electricity supply and district heating infrastructure. Hafslund considers reliability of production and supply within these areas to be an important part of its corporate social responsibility.

Business concept

Delivering energy solutions and infrastructure for the future – simply and efficiently

Core values

Hafslund’s core values are integrity, courage and spirit.

Integrity means that we:

  • take responsibility and keep our promises
  • act with self-confidence and respect for others
  • welcome the success of co-workers, and help each other advance

Courage means that we:

  • take initiative
  • dare to challenge the status quo
  • dare to take risks and make allowances for the occurrence of mistakes

Spirit means that we:

  • are engaged in our work
  • show both pride and pleasure in our work
  • exhibit good spirit and humour

Strategic prioritisations and focus areas

  • Hafslund’s energy generation shall be boosted through growth within renewable and alternative energy.
  • Hafslund shall enhance its role as a key infrastructure company through a continued focus on construction and operation of electricity grids and district heating.
  • Hafslund’s position as a leading electricity supplier shall be maintained and enhanced through increased efficiency and quality, high service levels and product development.
  • Hafslund shall engage in strategic development within power sales by contributing to more efficient markets and customer-orientated solutions.
  • Hafslund shall purposely work to boost customer satisfaction.
  • The Group shall secure appropriate expertise and improved performance through organisational development and efficient and professional recruitment processes.
  • The Group shall further develop its business culture based on Hafslund’s core values in order to create an evolving and attractive workplace, and secure a good reputation.