Hafslund Nett secures the power supply in Østfold

Hafslund Nett secures the power supply in Østfold

Population growth in and around major population centres in Østfold, increased business activities, an industrial focus and not least the construction of a new hospital in Sarpsborg are all pushing up electricity consumption in Østfold.

Parts of the current regional grid in Østfold have insufficient capacity to meet current and future rises in power consumption. Opportunities to establish reserve supplies in the event of faults are also limited. The situation is exacerbated by higher power consumption during the winter. Today a major fault in the grid could result in outages for up to 20,000 customers.

Securing a stable power supply that caters for future peak loads will necessitate new, reinforced power lines across the county.

Hafslund Nett has applied to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) for a licence to construct new power lines and to upgrade existing lines in Østfold. Most of the new lines will be constructed for the new regional grid voltage of 132 kV.

Hafslund Nett has applied for a licence to construct power lines involving different route and solution alternatives. The NVE will decide the final route, but all interested parties may give input on proposed routes and mast types. Some of the proposals are coordinated with Statnett’s “Southwest link” between Norway and Sweden, as one of the proposed routes runs in the same area.

Upgrading the lines will require the conversion of several transformer stations, in addition to a full revamp of the Råde transformer station.

One of the projects involves the start-up of the future 132 kV circuit in Østfold, which will secure power supplies to Moss, Rygge, Råde and Fredrikstad.

The total costs for the entire project are estimated at around NOK 400 million. The work is scheduled for implementation in the period 2013-2018.

Power line applications submitted

Dyrløkke (Frogn) – Tegneby (Vestby)
Aasgaard (Eidsberg) – Ørje (Marker)
Hasle (Sarpsborg) – Råde (Råde)
Halmstad (Rygge) – Råde (Råde) – Fjærå (Fredrikstad)
Kråkerøy (Fredrikstad) – Hvaler (Hvaler)