Communications and Corporate Responsibility

Communications and Corporate Responsibility’s remit covers the Group’s external and internal information procedures, society contact, business profiling and environmental and social responsibility. The unit assists the Group in achieving its strategic and commercial targets and acts as a sounding board and advisor for the organisation with regard to the environment, ethics and communication challenges.

Communication and reputation work

A key objective of the Group’s communication and reputation work is to raise knowledge and awareness of the positive contributions Hafslund makes to society. In 2011 we consolidated the work we performed in 2010 with regard to campaigns and events intended to raise Hafslund’s profile within this area and on the Group’s focus on environmental solutions. One example was Hafslund’s winter commercial, which was shown on TV in March and December. The film communicates that it can be fun to save electricity, and was made on the back of surveys carried out by Hafslund showing that customers wished to have more information about how they can save electricity on a day-to-day basis. The winter campaign was supported by web-, print- and social-media-based communication initiatives.

Hafslund’s Children’s Environmental Festival

For the second year in a row Hafslund arranged the Children’s Environmental Festival in Oslo’s Frogner Park, and on World Environment Day Sunday 5 June 2011 a total of 60,000 people gathered in the park. The purpose of the environmental festival was to inform, engage and commit people on the environment and renewable energy. It is also important to focus on the next generation in order to help secure future solutions to environmental challenges. As many as 73 percent of those surveyed at the festival gave the event five or six marks out of six. Nine out of ten people were aware that Hafslund had arranged the festival, and the same percentage took a positive view of Hafslund’s commitment to environmental issues. Hafslund’s staging of the festival won the company a nomination for the “Event of the Year” award from the Norwegian Sponsoring and Event Association.

Øya Festival

Hafslund became Øya Festival’s first main sponsor in 2010. The music festival is held in the Medieval Park in Oslo in August each year, and has earned reputation as an extremely environmentally friendly festival. In addition to providing financial support, Hafslund has helped to reduce Øya’s energy consumption by 80 percent by installing a fixed power supply to the Medieval Park, allowing the festival to discard polluting generators. In 2011 Hafslund entered into a partnership with the “white goods” rock band Hurra Torpedo to market the Øya Festival in a way that would appeal in particular to younger target groups. Hafslund’s engineers helped the band to develop new instruments to run on electricity. The whole process was covered in a humorous seven-episode web-based TV series which was disseminated through social media and published weekly at The initiative was followed up with strategically placed adverts aimed at specific target groups, thus allowing information to reach audiences beyond the festival itself. Surveys revealed that nine out of ten festival participants were aware of Hafslund’s involvement in the festival, and that 76 percent of the audience took a positive, or very positive view, of Hafslund’s partnership with Øya Festival.

Such was the extent of Hafslund’s sponsorship work during the year that the company was nominated for “Sponsor of the Year” by the Norwegian Sponsoring and Event Association.

The environment and ethical trading

Hafslund’s board has adopted an environmental policy that provides guidance for the entire Group. The environmental policy commits Hafslund to making ongoing and systematic improvements in its environmental initiatives and diminishing the business’s environmental impact. Environmental management has been introduced in each company in order to help individual companies to reduce their environmental footprint.

Hafslund purchases goods and services from various external suppliers. Ethical trading represents an important part of Hafslund’s corporate social responsibility work. The Group is a member of the Initiative for Ethical Trading (IEH), which aims to safeguard human and employee rights, development and the environment. Hafslund regards placing clear demands on national and international suppliers along the value chain as an integral part of the Group’s corporate social responsibility.


Corporate Communications

The unit takes care of the Group’s internal and external communications activities, in particular through media contact and contributions to the annual report and the intranet. The unit also assists the Group’s companies with strategic interaction with politicians and regulatory authorities.

Brand management

In collaboration with the business areas the unit has overarching responsibility for managing and enhancing Hafslund’s overall reputation and brand strategy.

Environment and Social Responsibility

The unit is responsible for any social consequences caused by the Group’s operations relating to the environment, ethics and other social factors, and works on a group-wide basis to support and advise the various companies on matters concerning the environment and corporate social responsibility.

Sponsorship activities

The unit administers and develops sponsorship activities in collaboration with the companies, and is responsible for events aimed at the general public managed by the Group.